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Room Trading

Some may say, what will I do at the Diecast Model Expo today? But many already know, Room Trading will definitely fill the day.

Room Trading will be one of the highlights of your Diecast Model Expo experience.  This personal and friendly environment will allow attendees to fill their spare time between Expo Events by moving from room to room meeting, trading, buying or selling together with fellow collectors.

If you plan to Room trade, please let booking staff know so you can be allocated a room with all the other room traders. The four-star rooms are modern, spacious and tastefully furnished for your comfort. To make a booking, please call the hotel direct on (03) 8746 0600.  When booking you must mention you are attending the 2023 Diecast model expo to get the special early bird price of $190/night(normal rate is $249/night) The early bird price is only valid til 01/10/2023. 

If you haven’t participated in Room Trading before, this is a great opportunity to bring your collectables, merchandise or whatever it may be and basically set up a shop inside your hotel room. You can then open the door at your leisure and watch as collectors come in and out of your room in a relaxed environment while buying, selling or trading on the spot. Start small and just bring just a few models or go crazy and stack your room full. Take advantage of this opportunity to slim down your die cast model collection or make use of all those spares. You’ll make new friends, customers and industry contacts for the future.

This is an institution in the USA, with its history of die cast conventions/expos spanning more than 20 years. Most collectors agree room trading is one of the most important elements of the collector and Expo experience.

With die cast collectors and die cast model retailers from far and wide earmarked to attend the event, Room Trading could in some ways be compared to being like one big shopping centre, but only for die cast models, in a far more inviting and friendly setting, amongst a group of people who all share the same love admiration and interest… Heaven!

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