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Program of events

Room trading is open all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday and open times are set by each room

Located in Mercure Hotel, level 5.

Friday September 25th, 2015.

2015 Diecast Model Expo
officially begins
Please note that from 10am-11am
registration desk is only open.

Sales desk opens at 11am for model purchases.

Making high quality models.
Richard Poole from Apex Replica’s will take you thru the process of producing quality model cars. With the growing trend of resin models, Richard will explain the reasons and benefits to using this versatile material.

Dr Rob’s How to workshop:
One of the pitfalls in custom building is the lack of 'off the shelf' performance components that completes that perfect build.... Here we will design and build from scratch a set of kick ass extractors/ headers that will turn heads in disbelief.

Main Expo room closes.

Bogan Bingo
(Ticket needs to be pre purchased)
Enjoy a fun night playing Bogan Bingo. Enjoy a light meal and play bingo for model prizes. Get to know everyone in an environment made for mingling with other collectors. Dress up like a bogan!

Saturday September 26th, 2015

Main Expo room opens

Dr Rob’s How to workshop:
Have you ever noticed that when buying a diecast replica, most if not all of them just give you the one option of a manual gear shift?....Here we will go through the steps of how to create a 'pro-stock' automatic shifter that 'B&M Shifters' themselves will love.

Tim Slade signing/photo session
Thanks to Biante model cars, Tim will be on hand to sign your merchandise and have a photo with you.

Aaron Noonan interview with the V8 boys.
Aaron Noon sits down with Tim Slade and Scott McLaughlin to have a light hearted talk about motorsport and their V8 lives.

Scott McLaughlin signing/photo session
Thanks to Apex Replica’s, Scott will be available to sign your merchandise and have a photo with you.

Daniel Morcombe Foundation Charity Auction.
The Diecast Model Expo will auction all the models with certificate #001 and also some V8 supercar memorabilia. Have your chance to add a special item to your collection.

Dr Rob’s How to workshop:
There's nothing worse than trying to pull down a model and breaking bits along the way, in this presentation we will go on the hunt to find where those little tiny screws hide that keep them all together and the best way to dismantle a model.

Main Expo room closes.


Gala Dinner
(Ticket needs to be pre purchased)
Join in this semi formal evening(smart casual dress code) which will have two special guest speakers. Ford stalwart John French and Holden chief designer Leo Pruneau will give insights in their respective careers in the racing and automotive worlds. Both gentlemen will be available for a signing session during the evening.

Sunday September 27th, 2015

Main Expo room opens.

Dr Rob’s How to workshop:
Yes pulling a model down is one thing, but to put it all back together can be a little challenging to say the least. Here we will got through the steps of assembling certain bits that can sometimes try your patience.

Competition winners announced.
Creative custom car modellers have their time in the sun and the general attendees will choose the winners. Those that voted for their favourite custom models will go into the draw to win an exclusive 2015 Diecast Model expo pursuit Ford XY GTHO Super Falcon, Satin Black model. We will also announce the winner of the special HRT anniversary bonnet supplied by Biante.

Bob Morris signing/photo session.
Legendary Australian touring car ace Bob Morris will be in the main Expo room for you to get his autograph on anything you like. He is also an inductee to the Australian motoring hall of fame!

Dr Rob’s How to workshop:
A lot of time can be wasted re-doing custom parts that you have designed yourself, but learning the crafty art of moulding can be the best time saver in reproducing that special one off piece that you can't get anywhere else.

2015 Diecast Model Expo officially closes.

Please note: Schedule could change without notice.